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My Battle with Nicotine Addiction

I have won the battle!

I started smoking about seven years ago and my last cigarette was on January. 23rd, 2013.  

My journey started with a visit to the Dr. office to obtain a prescription for Champix (varenicline). I knew that a persons willpower had little affect on their ability to quit smoking! Science has proven this fact numerous times! According to Dr. Sharon Hall, a psychology professor whose research at the University of California’s San Francisco, ‘Heroin addicts say it is easier to give up dope than it is to give up smoking,” 

Therefore, I started my remedy and set my quit date to be day eight of taking Champix.

Here is a quick Bio on my smoking habit and my new life as a non-smoker;

According to the Canadian Cancer Society I smoked less then 8% of the smoking population 😮Image

My Mileage 

Smoke-Free Days: 10 
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 200 
Amount Saved: $80.00 
Life Gained:
Days:10 Hrs: 17 Mins: 7 Seconds:44

 The withdrawal symptoms that I experienced in the first 4 days AKA druing “|Heck Week”

  • sore and dry throat and mouth
  • nervousness
  • occasional dizziness
  • tired depressed
  • feeling spaced out and loss of concentration 

My Key Short Term Benefits 

  • more energy 
  • better concentration
  • better taste and smell
  • more time and money of course 🙂

On day ten I am still tempted to ignite the old friend! I am aware of my triggers and I am still developing alternative coping strategies. For instance, I fill those dull periods within the day by baking delicious treats. Image

I would love to hear from other quitting warriors! or anyone else that can relate to my journey!


8 thoughts on “My Battle with Nicotine Addiction

  1. wow that is amazing! I’m a professional quitter. I can go months without a cigarette, and then I go back to it everytime…i’ll get there one day soon hopefully!

  2. The important thing to remember is to never quit quitting! I’m positive that you will do it one day…you just gotta explore and experiment with the different ways of quitting and develop a strong support system. If you are or not a reader, I would recommend you to read The Easy Way To Quit Smoking by Alan Carr, it was a real eye opener/ reality check for me!

  3. Yes, tell everyone you know to search on the web
    for e-cigarettes to check how massive this business is, and how gigantic the range is for these wonderful products is.
    What really annoys me, though, are the increasing number of stories in the major press saying how
    dire they are. Apparently Big Pharma – the makers of smoking cessation little helpers
    are putting their money behind an anti vaping smear campaign – less so the tobacco firms (as you might think) – as many cigarette producers
    are investing in them. I can FEEL the improvements of e
    cigarettes. Just stating – that there is always some agenda with these b*stards trying to prohibit
    e cigarettes … our country’s legislators could do a lot more to help. This makes me cross. Thanks My Battle with Nicotine Addiction | sugarcoatedmeds.

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